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September 2018 Planetary Calendar Forecast  
with Lahni & Ralph DeAmicis

Last month’s Virgo New Moon Stellium on the 30th initiated September for extreme organization and efficiency. (A) The White Circle Day on the 1st encourages harmony and cooperation, while hopefully bringing order out of chaos, although there may be disruption and upset due to kids and ‘out of the blue’ events. Mercury in Ruling Sign Virgo, accompanying the Sun, carries the biggest stick, so efficient communication rules. This is a time for humble service, not ego enrichment. (B) On the 3rd the White Circle Day, with that Scorpio Moon managing the team, adds determination and ruthlessness to the mission for the best reasons.

 (C) Grandparents Day on the 8th is very plugged in, social gatherings will be lively and fun, especially family events. That Sun Opposed Neptune on the 9th sets off a chain of consciousness that could lead to inspiration or confusion. It blooms (D) on the Black Box Day on the 11th which seems disconnected, without exact aspects and a day long Void of Course Moon, in distracted Aquarius. Don’t plan to accomplish much. Ideally go to the beach or ashram where inspiration can manifest.

(E) The Black Box on Friday the 13th when Mercury moves from Virgo to Libra, encourages protracted decisions and negotiations. A cacophony of aspects obscures a clear path through. (F) On the 14th Venus entering her Ruling Sign Libra (until November 3rd) makes her ‘Queen of the Ball’, so fairness, grace, beauty and partnership become the goal.

(G) When Saturn turns Direct on the 18th following Jupiter turning Direct in August, expect returning consumer confidence and economic progress. (H) On the 19th Sun Trine Moon gets stuck projects moving. (I) On the 22nd the Autumn Equinox, when the Sun enters Libra, encourages committed partnerships and cooperation.  

(J) On the 24th the White Circle Day encourages an easy give and take among family and team members. (K) On the 28th the White Circle Day at the Libra New Moon empowers Venus cooperating with Saturn and Jupiter, making a good time to initiate serious projects requiring cooperation and shared responsibility, including a mix of generations and ranks.

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October 2018 Planetary Calendar Forecast  
with Lahni & Ralph DeAmicis

After such an active September, traveling through October is a smoother ride. (*A) It gets off to an interesting start when Venus goes Retrograde on the 5th in Scorpio. Venus enjoys Retrograde motion turning that ability for love and grace inward. Dig deeply into your need for connection on a profound level and make those paths clear. (*B) On the 8th the New Moon starts a new cycle addressing our intimate needs for love and relationships. (*C) On the 9th Mercury joins Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio. Stay focused on what brings power and deep satisfaction.

(*D) On the 10th the Black Box Day has the potential for disrupted communications in personal and love relationships. Be careful of what you say to those closest to you. (*E) The White Circle Day on the 15th has great aspects for the Moon and a Mercury Venus Conjunction. Practice emotional dedication. (*F) The 19th has lots of juice so make things happen, but try not to ruffle too many feathers. (*G) The Sun enters Scorpio on the 23rd creating a Stellium in Scorpio, a genius for managing shared resources. Marshal your team and carry out your strategy.

(*H) The Full Moon on the 24th is a disruptive lunation. The Sun is paired with Venus in Scorpio and the Moon is paired with Uranus in Taurus. Be prepared to meditate, calm your emotions and get in touch with your inner strength. (*I) On the 26th the Sun Conjuncts Venus so let love infuse your mind, body and soul. (*J) On the 29th the White Circle Day delivers an optimistic window to move projects through.

(*K) On the 30th Mercury enters Sagittarius, not a strong position, but it is a fun one, so turn on the comedy channel because laughter is healing. (*L) On the 31st Venus Retrogrades into her ruling sign of Libra and pours soothing oil on the waters. Amid the current intensely driven themes Venus is offering you a way to personal grace and balance.

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November 2018 Planetary Calendar Forecast  
with Lahni & Ralph DeAmicis

This is a transformational month with fundamental changes so don’t plan on coasting through it. Mercury is slowing, preparing to turn Retrograde on the 16th, so communication lags. (*A) On the 6th Uranus Retrogrades into Aries, giving society another shot at being disrupted by aberrant personalities. (*B) On the 7th an upbeat New Moon with a Trine between Mars and Venus benefits love relationships. With the Sun Moon Conjunction close to expansive Jupiter, plus Mercury in Sagittarius Conjunct the giant Red Star Antares, people will be loud.

(*C) On the 8th Jupiter enters his ruling sign Sagittarius. This is a BIG transit setting a theme for a year. Even though Saturn in Capricorn continues his conservative, constrictive chorus, Jupiter counters with 'An optimistic attitude is the first step to success'. (*D) The White Circle Day on the 9th takes advantage of the newly arrived Jupiter making a good aspect to the Moon, while there is a lovely Trine between Venus and Mars. On the 12th the Sun Sextile Moon is a smooth spot after a bumpy week. (*E) On the 15th Mars enters Pisces, which is not a strong position, but it Sextiles Uranus and Saturn and Squares Jupiter, so be conscious of how your surroundings make you feel and clear up any spots that don’t feel safe and sound. (*F) On the 16th the Black Box Day denotes Venus turning Direct while Mercury turns Retrograde. That's a lot of turbulence for one day.

(*G) The 19th is another Black Box Day thanks to the Mars Square Jupiter. Remember, this extends before and after this date, so there may be extra work getting strategies to turn into reality. (*H) The 22nd is Thanksgiving and the Full Moon as the Sun enters Sagittarius, approaching Jupiter and Mercury. This sets off a Mutable T Square with Mars and the Moon so the issues at hand are all about people, their relationships, interests and beliefs. (*I) On the 24th Neptune turns Direct in Pisces adding power to that Mutable Cross and expressing the spiritual message of compassion.

(*J) The 25th is an ideal day to relax with the Sun Conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius and the Moon in Cancer, the sign of Jupiter's exaltation. That is a pretty powerful combo. Only the Saturn Opposite the Moon grounds the day and makes sure that people don't forget their responsibilities. Saturn is also why it didn't earn a White Circle. (*K) The White Circle on the 27th is a supercharged day to get things done so take advantage of that energy.  

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December 2018 Planetary Calendar Forecast  
with Lahni & Ralph DeAmicis

(*A) On the 1st Mercury backs into Scorpio continuing the Retrograde period that people find so annoying. But, it's a great time to go back to opportunities you forgot to follow up on and give them a little love. (*B) On the 2nd, Venus leaves her ruling sign and enters Scorpio, putting her in alignment with Mars in Pisces. This is a very sexy connection, but watch out that you don't tap into the long suffering, dreamer vibe too much.

(*C) On the 6th the New Moon in Sagittarius, paired with Jupiter in rulership, coincides with Mercury turning Direct, bringing a lift to the spirits. Thanks to a Square from the New Moon to Mars and Neptune there may be some subdued anxiety in the air. (*D) But that optimism is reinforced on the 7th with the White Circle Day that says, “Follow your dreams”. (*E) On the 12th Mercury enters Sagittarius bringing back that quirky sense of humor along with a pleasant Sun Sextile Moon to help the day flow better. (*F) The White Circle Day on the 16th is great for socializing and cooperation. (*G) On the 17th that Sun Trine Moon in fire signs is pretty energizing.

(*H) On the 21st the Sun enters Capricorn for the Winter Solstice with some nice socializing aspects. (*I) On the 22nd the Full Moon takes place at Zero degrees Capricorn Opposite Cancer. This is a powerful lunation that people will feel on a primal level. It aligns the Sun with compressive Saturn in Capricorn, reducing the Sun's energy, supported by Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Pisces. This is opposed by the Moon in Cancer, the sign of her rulership. These are signs of worry about the outer world, so people will be seeking home and emotional safety.

Meanwhile Jupiter is with Mercury in Sagittarius, supported by Vesta in Aquarius at the ascendant on the West Coast. This creates a local sense that genius and entrepreneurship offers hope in difficult times. Some people will be feeling worried and others optimistic. The Sun Trine Moon on the 26th gives a nice push forward. (*J) On the 31st Mars enters his ruling sign Aries on a White Circle Day, creating a sense of enthusiasm, like a seed about to sprout as we greet the New Year.

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