The Strategic Ergonomics Talk


 This is a powerful approach for improving personal and team performance by using a tool that is often overlooked, the creation of Goal Based Surroundings. This is a significant function in the group or private office, the home work space, on the road sales and even for those who do their work in their favorite coffee shops. CLICK HEREWould you like to use your surroundings to improve your happiness and success? This skill set is used successfully by world class athletes, great artists, and successful business people to help attain their goals, and you were taught it too, in school, on the sports field. But, when you went inside the classroom you were assigned a seat, whether or not that position encouraged your potential, and that practice probably continued up through your first job. Those high-achievers were valued, in part, because they adopted those environmental lessons faster, but you can catch up. Here's how...!

Ralph & Lahni De Amicis explain in their presentations why this works and how to recognize your Personal Position of Power (PPOP) in business and social situations. When you are in your PPOP you naturally improve your efficiency, clarity and confidence. This is why people have favorite desks and chairs, whether that's in their office, living room or favorite coffee shop.

This is a big world so there are talks aimed at specific goals and locations.  These include Ergonomic Strategies for:

Developing Leadership and Long-Range Planning Skills, Optimizing Sales, Promoting Teamwork and Encouraging Ethical Behavior. Special presentations are designed for individual audiences that explore the Ergo Dynamics techniques that used to improve struggling teams and organizations.


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Some chapters about Strategic Ergonomic:

Designing for Success CLICK HERE

History of the Office CLICK HERE

Why Cubicles Click HERE  CLICK HERE

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