The Sacred Geometry Series

With Drs. Ralph & Lahni DeAmicis MH's ND's

The Sacred Geometry of Abundance

Come Join Us on February 24th, 2018, 10am to Noon, at the Napa Valley Center for Spiritual Living Napa. The Cost is $30.00 which includes all materials. For couples sharing materials the second person is $20.00. 

You can find information about the Center at

These new workshops use a combination of Western and Asian spiritual technologies to improve how your surroundings affect your life, relationships, prosperity and well being. Our approach is based on a synthesis of ergonomics, kinesiology, feng shui and the ancient western spiritual design philosophy which is called geomancy. We have been using these techniques in 1000's of consultations and lectures for more than twenty years.

We've given hundred of workshops and speeches nationally and internationally and written numerous books on ErgoDynamics and Feng Shui which you can find on this site, 

These workshops go beyond the books and include practical tools and applications that you can use immediately to improve your life.  It also includes work with the powerful Sacred Triangles which are unique to Ralph & Lahni's work.

More About the Workshops

More About the Workshops

These are experiential workshops because this knowledge is 'body intelligence' and you don't absorb that sitting in front of a computer. Your body is always interacting with your surroundings so you need to change your position and location and recognize how your body reacts to shifts in your relationship with the space.

Each participant is encouraged to bring a floor plan so that they leave each workshop with action steps to use in their own homes and work spaces. The sample floor plans can be found at This will allow them to create their own Sacred Geometry.

While each two hour workshop is intended as a standalone experience, each workshop, beyond the foundation class, will explore various tools for managing the energetic space. We are introducing these seminars in 2018 in Napa California. So Stay Tuned! 

If you have questions or ideas about this email because we would happy to hear from you.  Ralph & Lahni