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This is a mix of audio shows drawn from our various TV shows, including 'Astrologers Chatting Over Coffee', plus Astro Tips segments from the long running Planetary Calendar Forecast Show, and even some relevant health shows from Ask Ralph & Lahni. Then we fill in with the monthly forecasts that are produced for our Planetary Calendar cusotmers. We are listed on all of the major platforms so you can easily access our shows. If you are a Podcast fan we hope you enjoy our collection - Ralph & Lahni

13: Published since 1949, the Planetary Calendar kept up with astro data every year, but maintained the same format until about 2000, when Ralph & Lahni became the Astrologers. They gradually changed some things, and that trend continues.

11: This short tip does it best to explain that mystifying planetary movement called the Retrograde. Most people know about it from Mercury Retrograde when communications go a bit wacky for three weeks.

9: Astrology is a geometric art, and that is most true when interpreting Aspects, which is the relationship between the celestial bodies. This is a helpful exploration of that 'aspect' of the starry art.

8: A wonderful look at essential oils from the hosts previous TV show, Ask Ralph & Lahni. Essential Oils are integrated into the forecasts of the Planetary Calendar as part of the Calendrical Healing System.

6: This is one of our health shows explaining how all of our home and office electric devices affect us and ways to live them and still stay healthy. 

3: There is a long tradition of connecting agriculture and astrology. Even today, the growing popularity of Biodynamic farming, which is timed by the celestial movements, has shown the significance of the these associations. Lahni and Ralph have the unique qualification in discussing astrology and wine grapes, because besides being the authors of the Planetary Calendar they have also authored a large series of wine travel books. So prepare to learn all about the wonders of both the Planets and the world's most popular wine grapes.

2: The Astrologers look at the charts and patterns of the Democratic contenders for the 2020 Presidential nomination with some surprising revelations. The video episode with the charts can be found at http://www.spaceandtime.com. This is from the Astrologers Chatting series.

1: As we rethought our long running forecast TV show, Planetary Calendar, we realized our favorite part was the discussion after the forecasts about various topics, typically with a Starbucks in hand, so this show is about that mega company and the Astrological charts that reveal its inner mission.

5: From our older TV show, Ask Ralph & Lahni, this is an interesting look inside the work of the modern Astrologer.

4: The Planetary Calendar forecast looks at what is happening this month, with Astrologers Ralph & Lahni DeAmicis, authors of the long running Planetary Calendar.

7: An exploration of the meaning and sequence of the 12 astrological Signs.


12: Just like the title says, these are tales from the great astrologers, going back hundreds of years. Watch for more episodes like this, because Ralph and Lahni are both good story tellers.

10: This episode features Ralph DeAmicis sharing some tips about that particular style of Feng Shui that he and Lahni practiced professionally, and taught extensively in the Philadelphia area.