HEre is the Long Range Global Forecast from 2017 to 2022

with Lahni & Ralph DeAmicis

Normally we only forecast one year out based on the chart of the Chinese New Year, the New Moon nin Aquarius. However, like many astrologers we got the 2017 prseidential election wrong. The reason why was because we looked at the year in which the election took place, in which one candidate was heavily favored. That candidate got three million more votes. Astrology recognizes natural cycles. However, even though the tide went in that candidates favor there were other factors in play. What we did not do was look at the charts for the next year. That would have told us that something had gone screwy. To rectify that flaw and to provide some comfort we looked at the charts out through 2022 and created this forecast. We hope you find it helpful. 

Long Range Forecasts

There are multiple projections on this page. First Lahni & Ralph survey of the twelve forecasts in the 2019 Planetary Calendar. 

Next Ralph offers their insights based on the chart for the Chinese New Year, which is a global chart that looks at various locations. 

As an accessory to this Ralph offers health tips based on what the CNY is going to highlight this year. 

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