Wine Country @ Work's Most Popular Episodes

  • We hope you enjoy them, Ralph & Lahni De Amicis

This entertaining and informative 2 episode interview with George Webber, conducted by show host Ralph de Amicis, explores the history of Napa and Sonoma and the nature of the hospitality and speaking industries.

A question that tour guides hear often is 'how do you become a winemaker?" To answer that in part host Ralph DeAmicis visits the wine making program at Napa Valley College. In the first half of the episode Ralph narrates a little history and perspective about how the program fits into this important wine making region. In the second part we follow the teachers and students through taking the wine and skins off an extended soak and pressing the juice.

A wonderful interview with the founders of this great cave complex in the hills of the Napa Valley.  This is one of our popular, widely viewed episodes in the PEG network. Probably because of the fascination with caves. 

This interview with the team at the Trefethen winery was due to air the month that the earthquake hit Napa and tilted this building over four feet. It took until May of 2017 to make the repairs  and open it again. But this gives a wonderful look at this favorite among the tour guides.  

This is a particular favorite of mine, especially the interview with Chris Benziger about his personal experience with the transformation that Biodynamics created on their property and vineyards. 

This behind the scenes narrated episode is a constant favorite and seen very widely. Originally it was intended to be  based on interviews but it evolved into a moving poem.