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Without Our Solar System by Louis Pigeon

Without the Sun there would be no life, light nor warmth.

Without the Moon there would be no moisture, nourishment nor reproduction.

Without Mercury there would be no intelligence, speech nor music.

Without Venus there would be no feeling, love nor interest in humanity.

Without Mars there would be no movement, desire nor force.

Without Jupiter there would be no growth, expansion nor extension.

Without Saturn there would be no form, continuity nor foundation.

Without Uranus there would be no intuition, wisdom, originality nor freedom.

Without Neptune there would be no ability for sensation, inspiration nor realization of spirituality.

Without Pluto there would be no subconscious function nor regeneration.

This is a poem that was near the end of the Planetary Calendar for many years that we think is by the founder of the Planetary Calendar. As we prepare the 70th edition of the calendar we have filled that section with an educational section connected to the online education we provide about astrology. At the time when this poem was composed the internet was simply something in human imagination, but we think that Louis, to whom astrology education was so important, would appreciate the expansion and improvements that technology has allowed us to make to 'his calendar'.  R & L

Astrologers have always been among the most literate parts of society. They were some of the first professionals to embrace computers because of the massive mathmatical calculations that the work requires. The first book that was written on a computer was an astrological text. They are also a very social group and social media has just increased that quality. The new show will interviews with Astrologers from all over the world. The interest in the art has expanded massively in recent years and we hope this will help fuel that quest for knowledge and meaning. 

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If you've ever swam in the ocean with your friends you know how the currents move all of you together so that you go in the surf by your towels and come out way down the beach. The planetary motions you experience also affect everyone around you. Our reactions may be different based on our individual charts, but we are all, people, animals, plants and weather being pushed the same way. 

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Drs. Ralph & Lahni DeAmicis has been professional astrologers since 1972, they are experts in medical and location astrology and authors of over thirty books in diverse subjects. They are Master Herbalists and Naturopathic Physicians, Geomancers (Aka Dowsers) and Feng Shui Practitioners so their show is sprinkled with good advice about how to work with the cycles and use the tools at hand to keep yourself and your surroundings healthy.

The show is broadcast on many of the 2000 stations that are part of the PEG Network.   

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