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About the Planetary Calendar Day Planner

2020 is the first year for our Day Planner format, and we plan to continue improving its function. That said, we're very pleased with how it came out. The book begins by explaining how to effectively use the information.

Each month starts with the Astrological Charts for the month’s New and Full Moon. Then comes Lunation and Daily annotated forecasts. Followed by a section with personalized Sun Sign guidance timed to the Lunations (Unique to the Planner). Then comes recommendations from our Environmental Healing System, including Lunar Essential Oil combinations and their placement within your home, based on the Twelve Terrestrial Houses. There is a bonus chapter explaining this system in detail from the author’s book, ‘Planetary Calendar Astrology, Moving Beyond Observation into Action’. (Unique to the Planner).

Next comes ‘The Month at a Glance’, direct from the Calendar with its compact ephemeris and helpful Glyph to English reference block. Then the ‘Week At A Glance’, which includes larger day blocks showing the Planetary and Lunar Aspects and Changes. Next to those are spacious appointment writing areas. The forecasts are integrated into these pages, so you won't miss important timing information; the letters for the annotations are in both the day boxes and the writing area as watermarks. Along the outer margins are black reference boxes to help you find the date when you are thumbing your way through the calendar year. There is a complete 2020 Major Planet Ephemeris at the back, sorry no Asteroids (Unique to the Planner).

The Planner is 5.5" x 8.5" x 1/2", 222 pages, book bound with an extra wide inner margin to make writing inside easier. In the future we may introduce a second version with a spiral binding, but this current version allows for wider, easier distribution. The Planner is printed with size 11 and 12 Georgia fonts and 14 points of leading. The headings are size 14 Trebuchet fonts. These larger sizes make for easier, faster reading. It’s a Day Planner after all, not a novel. Hopefully these Ergonomic features will make the Planner a joy to use. Please Note: We calculate for Pacific Clock Time! 

Order the 2020 Day Planner & Planetary Calendar  HERE