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The Planetary Calendar Book, Moving Beyond Observation into Action

Astrology is enjoying exponential growth thanks to computers, online forecasts and analysis. But that sophisticated knowledge often bypasses the fundamental concepts that the celestial art is based on.

For the enthusiast, that foundation is the key to opening doors to a deeper understanding. To address that gap this book begins with an illustrated, simplified explanation of Astrology’s main parts; Planets, Signs, Houses and Aspects, in an easy to remember symbolic form. It includes a unique perspective on the often-misunderstood Planetary Rulers and their Table of Dignities, (the Celestial Relationships, a primary tool in Chart Interpretation.

            Next, because this was conceived as a companion to the proactive Planetary Calendar, it includes a three-chapter explanation of the Calendrical Healing System, which was created for the Calendar’s 72nd edition. This application of Lunar Astrology and the Twelve Terrestrial Houses is supplemented by a pair of chapters on GeoMagical Design (Horizon Charts and Sun Sign Spaces). The book closes by drawing insightful, entertaining correlations between the Planets and the world’s most popular wine grapes, because one does not live by the stars alone. Because Astrology is a visual art, numerous chapters are complimented by the author’s online videos and television episodes, to create a more complete and effective educational experience.

The book is 5.5" x 8.5" x 1/2", 172 pages, 978-1-931163-68-2  $20.00. Extensively illustrated.  ORDER HERE