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About the Planetary Calendar!

The Calendar has enjoyed tremendous customer loyalty since it began publishing in 1949, because it works well for both the novice, the professional and everyone in between. Thanks to modern computer technology over the past twenty years we’ve made continual improvements to its design and added to its list of features.  It's available in three sizes plus a Day Planner and an Electronic Format!

 For over fifty years it was only available by mail and it grew entirely by word of mouth, but the World Wide Web has helped it reach a much wider audience, although we still get plenty of mail orders.  For the first time in seventy years we are offering a Day Planner with even more features. 

The Calendar includes daily astrological data, a plain language compact Ephemeris, plus monthly, global annotated forecasts, to help readers understand the ebb and flow of each month. These are supplemented with video forecasts on the author’s (Ralph & Lahni De Amicis) TV show, Planetary Calendar. 

From the Day Planner

The very practical Day Planner, with spacious appointment writing areas, has additional features including personalized Sun Sign guidance for each Lunation, a complete 2020 Ephemeris to supplement the Calendar’s compact version, and a bonus Chapter about the Calendrical Healing System, from the author’s book, Planetary Calendar Astrology, Moving Beyond Observation Into Action. Read More About the Planner HERE

User Friendly Features (Original & New):

An eight-page mini astrology course explains how to personalize your calendar use and we have updated this based on experience and research. A series of short videos explaining how to use the various features of the Calendar at

Monthly Global Forecasts: These describe the month's ebb and flow and thematic changes caused by shifting planetary relationships. Important dates are annotated in the Forecast and on the day with a capital letter (*A) above the Moon glyph. We forecast using Whole Sign Charts, Fixed Stars and AstroCartography. The online videos offer much greater insight and are listed on the bottom of the forecast page.

The calendar is calculated for Pacific Clock Time because our largest market is on the West Coast and this is easiest, quickest, most accurate solution.

The monthly ephemeris showing planetary motion and positions combines English and the Astronomical Glyphs for the planet and sign making it easier to comprehend. The Day Planner has a complete ephemeris at the back of the book.

Planets changing sign and direction are noted at the top of the Day Boxes because these ingresses promote turbulence and are worth being forewarned about.

Planets changing direction, Retrograde or Direct, are also noted in the Day Boxes on the list of aspects to the right of the Number.  

The White Circle and Black Box days note optimal and challenging days. In our forecasts we highlight which are especially productive or disruptive and why.

In the forecast the Void of Course Moon times are listed at the bottom of the day blocks and the forecast notes which are difficult, and which are harmless. 

NEW FOR 2020: The Calendar Healing System. This is innovative use of the Full and New Moon Charts to time environmental healing through the use of Essential Oils and the Twelve Terrestrial Houses, a combination of western Geomancy and the Feng Shui Bagua. 

Ralph & Lahni's Planetary Calendar can help you chart your way through the year with grace and ease.

Order the 2020 Planetary Calendars & Planner  HERE

The Day Boxes are where you find the daily Astrological Data. Nearby is a key to help you learn the glyphs if you are not familiar with them yet!

Contact us with any questions about purchasing the calendar through the box below. 

 The Calendar includes a mini course about its use; there are also numerous ‘How To’ videos about using the Calendar most effectively, and generally about Astrology at