The 10 Minute Herbalist TV

With Ralph & Lahni DeAmicis MH's ND's

We started started creating our book The 10 Minute Herbalist in the late 1990's as part of our 'Aloe to Zingiber' Master Herbalist certificate course. It becasme the first of a series of books about natural healing. When we started producing Ask Ralph & Lahni in 2012 many of the early episodes were based on chapters from the original book. When we decided to rebrand AR&L, it seemed like The 10 Minute Herbalist was the natural choice. As a result, these earlier found in the directory below are titled "Ask Ralph & Lahni ".

The goal of the show is to explore the wonderful world of natural healing using plants. Sometimes we start off with discussing an ailment and the herbs that can help, other times we start with an herb, and then discuss the ways it has been used. We hope you enjoy the shows and find them illuminating. 

Directory of the Paleo Herbalist Course Segments


0002 Using Herbs Effectively and Safely. Herbs are powerful healing tools and important nutritional components that have helped humans maintain and restore their health for eons. Here are some of the essential guidelines that can help you use herbs safely and productively. CLICK HERE TO WATCH & READ

0003 Alkaline & Acid = pH: An Easy Guide to Health. Knowing which foods make the body alkaline (salty) or acid is essential to reducing pain and promoting the body's proper functioning. You want to watch this episode several times, and recognize that the food list is incomplete, be prepared to do research. CLICK HERE TO WATCH & READ

0004 Comfortable Cleansing. Sometimes you just have to accept that the body isn't keeping up on its housekeeping duties and you need to concentrate on cleaning out the old junk that is getting in the way. This is a comprehensive, patient and gentle system that is very effective. CLICK HERE TO WATCH & READ

0005 Being Free of Pain on a Budget. So many people suffer with pain due to simple mistakes that they make in their diet. This episode explains how to shift the diet and what herbs and supplements can help this process.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH & READ

0006 Getting a Good Night's Sleep. There are wonderful and safe herbal and nutrional products that help people sleep well. Lack of sleep is epidemic in the modern world. This episode and chapter explain what those products are and how to use them.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH & READ

0007 Power of the Mind & Brain Health. The way in which you think about yourself, the messages you send to yourself in your surroundings, very much affect your ability to heal. This TV episode includes two chapters including one about physical brain health. CLICK HERE TO WATCH & READ

0008 Living with Electronics. People live around large numbers of electromagnetic fields. It adversely affects the muscles and nervous system. But there is something that you can do about that using herbs and nutritional supplements. CLICK HERE TO WATCH & READ

0009 Indoor Pollution, The Hidden Danger. Livng with modern chemicals in the home and work place causes all kinds of problems. This episode explores what kind of problems arise and what you can do about them.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH & READ

0010 Hormonal Harmony for Women. By weight hormones are among the most powerful materials in the body and have both physical and emotional influences. This is a favorite topic and both the TV episode and the chapter are filled with extemely helpful information for every woman.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH & READ

0011 Hereditary Conditions. Your family history is a guidepost for what kinds of problems to avoid. Knowing the potential pitfalls ahead can help guide you in creating a strategy using herbs, supplements and nutrition that will help you steer clear of these issues. CLICK HERE TO WATCH & READ

0012 Preventing and Lifting Depression. The number of people who are anti-depressants is distressing, and its not necessary. The body was not designed to feel like that and with the proper nutritional and herbal program the body will work the way it is meant to. CLICK HERE TO WATCH & READ

0013 Addressing Allergies. As more and more chemicals are introduced into our environments and food supplies allergies are becoming increasingly epidemic. Becoming resistant to these allergens requires making the entire system stronger and this episode and chapter points the way. CLICK HERE TO WATCH & READ

0014 The Calorie Myth. For so many years we've heard about calories and weight loss and yet the population is fatter than ever. What's happening. The secret is that its not the calories that matter, but the nature of the foods themselves. CLICK HERE TO WATCH & READ

0015 The Psychology of Weight Loss and Healing. It is well known that the way you think about yourself affects your health. Well, how do you get yourself to think in the best way to promote healing? That may sound silly, but there are tricks and techniques you can use to get yourself on the path to the level of health you want to enjoy.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH & READ

0016 Maintaing Youthfulness. How do you define being youthful? It comes down to mobility, flexibility. the ability to heal quickly and appear young. All nice things. So much of attaining that has to do with how you feed your body, and as we often say, Herbs are Food. CLICK HERE TO WATCH & READ

0017 Healthy Joints and Knees. This episode came from a direct question from a viewer and so it started out with knees but quickly spead to how to promote the health of all of the joints. There are wonderful herbs and supplements that help us maintain pain free mobility. CLICK HERE TO WATCH & READ

0018 Understandng Fibromyalgia. These types of systemic problems are difficult to approach because they rob the person of the energy to address them. But, teh solution is also holistic, related to the whole person, and the solutions can be as simple as adjusting some of the normal habits of the person to create a better level of health.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH & READ

0019 Erasing Old Scars. The reason people have old scars is because the body didn't have everything it needed to complete the healing process. The body is always working towards restoring the original program, the sacred design, and proving the correct herbs and nutrition can often do wonders even with old scars, with a little patience. CLICK HERE TO WATCH & READ

0020 The Autism Glyphosate Connection. More and more evidence is linking theincreasing use of weed killers on grains to the extreme rise in Autism. We are not the only people who are raising the alarm, and the more people who do the better. Besides explaining the causes this episode also addresses some of the solutions.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH & READ

0022 Three Healthy Secrets. So much of what promotes good health comes in the form of  daily habits and foods that make up substantial parts of our diet. Here Ralph, with Lahni's help, looks at three habits, cold brewing coffee, oil pulling, and Paleo foods, and how they improve a person's health. CLICK HERE TO WATCH & READ

0023 Feng Shui Philly Style. Before Ralph & Lahni started teaching herb seminars they were already well known for their seminars on Feng Shui. Their additional work in ergonomics and kineseology have filled out the techniques in those powerful  healing approaches. In this episode Ralph shares some things that anyone canuse to created an environment that is more supportive and less stressful. CLICK HERE TO WATCH & READ

0024 The Online NSP Webtools. This video was created by Lahni to help people find the online tools that are useful in building an NSP business. It includes the site, the site and the NSP corporate site. A very useful video for understanding how to Navigate these very powerful sites. CLICK HERE TO WATCH